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Sermon for 29 March


When Caroline first asked me to do the talk today, I was like, no way!

But then I thought, alright, yeah I can do this.

Because I need to let you in on a secret.

You probably think my Mum is nice and normal.

She looks it.

She acts it.

But when I was little she was …. a Freak.

I wasn’t allowed to wear anything pink.

No plastic toys.

No sugar.

When I was 5 I was given a box of Maltesers, and I swear I thought they were olives.

And when me and Eli were little, we had a TV, but Mum and Dad kept it hidden under the stairs.

On Sundays, as a treat, we were allowed to take it out, to watch a DVD.

In French.

I’m not joking, we wereonly allowed to watch French TV.

We genuinely didn’t know any other kind of TV existed.

As I said, complete freaks, both of them.

Yeah you too Dad.

But you know what, thank you Mum, you tried!

So if your Mum’s being annoying, stopping you going out, making you do your homework, getting you off your phone, remember she’s doing it for you!

Make sure you say thank you to your Mum today

for everythingshe does for you.

And if you think yourparents give you a hard time, at least you get to watch TV in English.

And there’s something else I want to say today.

As you just heard in the story, Moses had a lot of mothers.

His Mum, his Sister, and then a Princess - get himall looking out for him.

And because Churchis a family,

I’ve grown up with lots of Mothers too.

Thank you to my Church Mothers who always make me laugh.

Thank you to my Church Mother who gave me a job, and then found me another one.

Thank you my Church Mother who drives me to the station on every college day.

Thank you to my Church Mother who gives me hugs and tells me I’m beautiful.

Thank you to my Church Mother who helped me pass my Science GCSE.

Thank you to my Church Mother who said she’d help me clear up the mess I made after a party.

Thank you to my Church Mother who always remembers my birthday, every single year.

Thank you to all my Church Mothers who pray for me.

I’m so grateful to you all.

That’s how many Mothers I’ve got, right here in this building.

They’ve shown me love, and shown me how to shine.

And they are all yourMothers too.

For some of you, these amazing women are your actual biological mothers.

Others aren’t biological mothers at all - but wonderful women who shower love on their community.

You won’t know exactlywho I’ve been talking about this morning.

But you can guess

Because they will have shown you the exact same Mother-love.

The same care.

The same encouragement.

The same help in a time of need.

The same love.

Because we’re alla Church Family, one community.

I’m so grateful I’ve grown up with not just one, but so manyMothers, all bringing me up in love and in Faith.

So today on Mothering Sunday, I’m thanking God for mylovely Mum, who’s loved and supported me all my life.

And I’m thanking Godfor all the Mothers in this place.

And for the Mother-Love you all give, to all of us.


Posted: 31/03/2019 at 12:46
Tags:  Sermon
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