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We are two church communities in the beautiful Weald of Kent trying to live more like Jesus in the middle of busy lives and a complex world. We would love to meet you as we find out more about God and his love for us.
Weald School of Theology
The Weald School of Theology is for people from local churches who want to go deeper into their faith. Joining a streamed lecture from St Paul's Theological Centre in London, participants receive high quality, thought provoking input on issues relating to theology and faith.

Can we pray for you? 
If there's anything at al that we can pray for, for you, please get in touch.
Pet Service 
Join us with your furry, scaley or feathery friend for a celebration of God's creatures great and small. 7 July, 10:45 at St Mary's.
Services this Sunday 
 21 July 2019 
8:00 St Mary's 
BCP Communion
9:15 Christ Church
Holy Communion 
10:45 St. Mary's
Holy Communion with music led by the choir (no Sunday Groups - summer break)

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What's New
Added: 14.07.2019   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon for 14 July. Theme: The Good Samaritan
Added: 07.07.2019   |  Tags:  Sermon  Delaehle Gale
Sermon for 7 July. Theme: Blessings
Added: 30.06.2019   |  Tags:  Sermon
Sermon for 30 June. Theme: Raising Faith
Added: 23.06.2019   |  Tags:  Sermon  Rev Hugh Nelson
Sermon for 23 June. Pentecost people - Darkness, fear him.
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