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We are two church communities in the beautiful Weald of Kent trying to live more like Jesus in the middle of busy lives and a complex world. We would love to meet you as we find out more about God and his love for us.
School of Theology 
Run in partnership with St Paul's Theological College in London, these high quality theology lectures will introduce you to contemporary  biblical scholarship, and provide your faith with a strong foundation. Click below to book your place.


This Lent we've scattered hand painted stones around the village - each one with the words let your light shine. Find out how to make a difference to your community this week by clicking below or searching #letyourlightshine

Alpha is a perfect way to explore what you believe about God. Join with others who are also trying to figure things out  in an informal and friendly setting. Everyone is welcome, whatever you do or don't believe. A day time group starts on 20 February and an evening group on 21 February.
Services this Sunday 
25 February 2018
8:00 St Mary's 
BCP Communion
9:15 Christ Church
Holy Communion ir
10:45 St. Mary's
Holy Communion
with music led by the choir - Sunday Club for all ages

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What's New
Added: 18.02.2018   |  Tags:  Sermon  Lesley Hardy
Sermon for 18 February. Theme: Prayer and the Cycle of Grace
Added: 11.02.2018   |  Tags:  Sermon  Steve Coneys  Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Sermon for 11 February. Theme: Fruitfulness on the Frontline 6; Messenger for the gospel
Added: 04.02.2018   |  Tags:  Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Sermon for 4 February. Theme: Fruitfulness on the frontline 5 - Mouthpiece for truth and justice
Added: 28.01.2018   |  Tags:  Sermon  Barney Mayhew  Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Sermon for 28 January 2018. Theme: Fruitfulness on the frontline 4 - Moulding Culture
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