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Praying with Art and Journalling

Sometimes words aren't sufficient to express our deepest desires for God. Over the generations God's people have used art and images to explore what God's love and mercy mean to them.
Some of those who have done this were great artists, whose paintings and artworks give great glory to God, and who continue to inspire people.
For others, using art is something very personal and isn't a matter of talent at all - instead it is a way to stop thinking too much and to let God speak in a new way.
As part of our commitment to getting to know God better, we are running a day workshop for anyone interested in using art in their prayer life. It takes place on Thursday 14 August and you can book a place with Sue Donkin on 01580 211474.
There is no need to have any artistic experience or skill whatsoever.
And if art isn't your thing, you could try using a journal - a regular record of your journey with God. There are some simple journals available in St Mary's, together with a leaflet about how to use it to pray. You can also download the leaflet here
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