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Fruitfulness on the Frontline

God has made us to be fruitful - to use the gifts and talents and opportunities that we are given to bring Him glory and to make the world a bit more the way he wants it to be. And we're asked to do that wherever we are - at work, in the playground, in our community and with our family - wherever our frontline is, wherever we interact with God's people and God's world on a regular basis.

We sometimes think there’s a hierarchy of places that God cares about. And a hierarchy of people that he cares about. We think that He is more interested in the aid worker or the missionary than the shop worker or the electrician. Or we think he’s more interested in us when we’re praying, or doing something for the church than when we’re shopping or hanging out with our friends. 

But that’s not what the bible teaches at all. God, it is clear made everything and saw that it was all good. And when Jesus came, he spent more time at the local well, out in the town square or hanging out with fishermen than he did at the temple. We divide things into sacred stuff - the things God’s interested in- and the secular stuff - the things he isn’t interested in. But that’s simply not how God works.

He isn’t God of some things but not others, or of some people and not others, or of some places and not others. He is Lord of all. He is involved in it all. He loves it all. 

That means he is as present when we’re on the sofa watching TV as when we’re reading the bible. He cares as much about the way we cook a meal for the family, as when we prepare and lead the intercessions. He is as interested in the momentary interaction with person that we say hello to in the street, as He is in a sermon. Everything is His and He cares about it all.

So we can be fruitful anywhere, whatever we do. Wherever our ‘frontline’ is - that’s wherever we spend our time through the week with people who are not Christians - we can be fruitful on our frontline.

LICC are a wonderful organisation (find out more about them here) have helpfully given 6 areas of our life in which we can be fruitful

We are looking at each of these ways of being fruitful in January and February 2018, with a sermon on each and with our Small Groups using this as a basis for their discussions and prayers.
You can read and listen to the sermons as they’re preached, by clicking below, and download a simple introduction to the series here:

7 January - Modelling Godly Character. Speaker - Revd Hugh Nelson
14 January - Making Good Work. Speaker - Revd Craig Huxley
Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com