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Praying with your body

We sometimes think of prayer as something that should happen in a special 'spiritual' realm - separate to the real world that we live in every day. But prayer is about bringing our whole being before God - spirit, mind and body, and our bodies are an important part of our spiritual life. 

Our bodies can be an important part of our prayer life. Christians have always used different positions in prayer - we stand, sit and kneel for different times of prayer, and we can put our hands together when we want to be still and silent, or raise them in prayer and praise when we want to worship God. Just see how different you feel when you kneel quietly with your hands open on your lap or stand with your hands raised to heaven.
We can also pray while walking or using our bodies to paint, draw or make beautiful things - our bodies are as much a gift from God as our 'spirit', and it can be used to help us draw close to him in prayer.

This leaflet includes more ideas and suggestions for ways to use our bodies to draw close to God. You can pick up a printed copy in church.

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