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Prayer is for everyone - it doesn't need any qualifications or special words, it's just talking to God about the things that matter most to us. 
Sometimes though we need to pray with someone else, or we need someone to pray for us or for a situation we're in. Our Prayer Ministry team are available after the 10:45 service in St Mary's each week. They offer the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially, and for them to pray for and with you - and it could be for anything. You'll find them in the chapel at the front of church from 12:00 to 12:30.
Experienced members of the Prayer team are also available on Tuesday mornings for longer conversations and times of prayer. These can take place in church, in your home or in another location. Please email prayer.gk@gmail.com to book an appointment with them.
And if you need urgent prayer for someone or something, our prayer chain - a group of 20 people from the church community - are ready to pray at very short notice. Please email the details to prayer.gk@gmail.com
Church Office & Vicar - 01580 211739   hugh.nelson@ymail.com